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North Shore Branch


To promote understanding, friendship and cooperation among women graduates of the world; to promote the education and well-being of women and girls. To provide enjoyable activities which will fulfill these purposes and promote life long learning.

The Branch

North Shore was the first Metropolitan Branch in N.S.W and has many long standing and distinguished members. Currently it holds four luncheon meetings with interesting speakers per year, in venues easily accessible by public transport, and welcomes visitors from other branches to these. Activities include excursions to galleries and other places of interest, and building connections with the local university, Macquarie University. The Branch is concerned with the welfare and achievements of all its members: Members are made to feel welcome, valued and respected.

Greta Recsei, Ann (Edrith) Brooks wtih award winner Sarah Caruana

North Shore members Greta Recsei, Ann (Edrith) Brooks with award winner Sarah Caruana


The Branch provides four prizes for students at Macquarie University at 200 Level: Biology, Psychology, Ancient History and Modern History.

The Branch also supports the Project for  Action Programme and the Australia Day Award.

For any enquiries please contact:
Elizabeth Dukulil    Email: