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Tempe Mann Travelling Scholarship Guidelines

The Trustees of GW-NSW Inc. Education Trust invite applications for the GW-NSW Inc Tempe Mann Annual Scholarship. The value of the scholarship will be up to $8,000.00. 



The Scholarship is available to women enrolled as a research masters or a research doctoral degree (2nd or 3rd year) student at The University of Sydney, OR who have a first degree or masters from the University of Sydney and are enrolled for a research doctorate at another university (listed on the Australian Universities’ list) with campuses within NSW or Canberra.  Short listed candidates will be required to attend an interview in Sydney. The Scholarship is awarded to a woman to undertake a short period of advanced research or course work in any field at a university or equivalent organisation.  Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residency in Australia. Proof of your Australian Citizenship or Residency must be submitted with your application. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Preference has previously been given to candidates planning to travel to an overseas institution, but anyone wanting to travel to an institution within Australia where she can undertake research that will enhance the quality of her thesis, is encouraged to apply. 

Conditions of the Award: 

  • The successful candidate agrees to acknowledge GW-NSW support in any publication (including any thesis) that results from the work undertaken. 
  • Must provide a written or verbal report on the conclusion of the project. 


Professional data including: 

  • Qualifications obtained, where and when. 
  • Prizes or awards granted, where and when. 
  • Publications (if numerous, list the six most important). 
  • Employment (if applicable). 

Research/study proposal 

  • Place of research or study. Attach proof of enrolment or of provisional acceptance (letter or email) from the University or other institution at which you propose to work (not your current university enrolment). 
  • Specific aims of project for which you would use the funds. 
  • Detailed budget for the specific project / study (approx. 1/3-1/2 page). 
  • A statement of other sources of financial support which will supplement the Tempe Mann Scholarship including other grants for which you are an applicant or recipient. 


  • Give the names and current contact details of your supervisor, and an independent referee who is familiar with your academic record and who is able to comment on your proposed project. (DO NOT include references with your application). Please ensure your referees have read your application. 
  • Short listed candidates will be required to attend an interview and their referees will be contacted. 

CLOSED for 2024