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Prize Winners 2008

AFGW NSW INC Tempe Mann Travelling Scholarship

  • Madeleine Suttie (USYD)
  • Alecia Simmonds (USYD)

AFGW NSW INC Jamieson Awards

  • Katharine Turner (USYD)
  • Phoebe Williams (USYD)
  • Naomi Oreb (USYD)
  • Naomi Hart (USYD)

AFGW NSW Award as part of NCW Australia Day Awards 2008

  • Cara Hill Dahl (UTS)

AFGW NSW (Armidale Branch) UNE Award: Science

  • Joanna Newton – BIOL 110 and BIOL 120

AFGW NSW (Armidale Branch) UNE Award: Arts

  • Ellen Noonan – ENGL101 and ENGL102.

Gina Savage Prize: previously donated by the Illawarra Branch to an Outstanding Woman in Science at UOW

  • Teesha Downton BSc Biotechnology

AFGW NSW Award For An Outstanding Performance In An English Essay – the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences UNSW

  • Frances Egan

AFGW NSW Macquarie Uni Prize in 200-level English

  • Ashleigh Standen

AFGW NSW Award In Memory Of Margaret Maxwell – Classics Dept USYD

  • Catherine Beasley (3rd year student achieving HD in each of her Latin Courses)

AFGW NSW Tish Proctor Memorial Prize – USYD

Most proficient woman student in First Year Government

  • Cynthia Ung

From 2008 a second prize has been awarded:

Most proficient woman student doing postgraduate coursework study in public policy, administration and affairs in Government

  • Finola Metheven

AFGW NSW Gladys Marks Bursary for a disadvantaged, mature-aged woman student completing a degree at USYD

Granted name with-held

AFGW NSW Prize in Mathematics USYD

Could not be awarded in 2008 as there were no women in the Honours year at USYD

AFGW NSW Prize in English II Essays USYD

  • Nikki Huang



AFGW NSW Central Coast Ourimbah Campus Award – For a woman completing an Early Childhood Education Diploma and proceeding to Degree

  • Cynthia Donato


AFGW NSW, Central West Branch

DR BARBARA WRIGHT Post Graduate Scholarship

  • Major Prize: Jennifer Cox
  • Minor Prize: Rebecca McCormack

Higher School Certificate Scholarship

Rural award for a student with the highest UAI, who intends to attend university in the following year.

  • Stephanie McCabe


Yr 12 Award

  • Sadia Islam

TAFE Bridging Course Award – Ultimo and Bankstown TAFES

Ultimo: two awardees –

  • Annabell Howie
  • Emily Reuter Town


  • Sahar al Haddad


AFGW NSW HUNTER BRANCH & University of Newcastle

  • Margaret Auchmuty Prize for Education, academic year
  • Melissa Head

Huldah Turner Prize for Mathematics

  • Toshiko Tampllin

Hunter Valley Branch continues to support the education of 3 girls from St Joseph’s School in Dili, East Timor, through senior high school.


2008 AFGW NSW Inc North Shore Branch Prize for 300 Level Psychology – Macquarie University

  • Jody Kamminga

2008 AFGW NSW Inc North Shore Branch Prize for 200 Level History – Macquarie University

  • Ariane Kadaravek

2008 AFGW NSW Inc North Shore Branch Prize for 200 Level Bio Science – Macquarie University

  • Raelene Atkinson


AFGW NSW River Branch Award for best female student completing Master of Special Education – Macquarie University

  • Micaela Sara Middleton

AFGW NSW River Branch Grant-in-Aid Award – USYD

  • Erin Mathieu


AFGW NSW Southern Highlands Award UOW

  • Michelle Butcher

Small Business Studies, TAFE

  • A young woman from the Berrima Correctional Centre studying at TAFE through OTEN.

    East Timorese Law student Ina de Rosa